Tracedetect Synthetische Cannabinoide Multi 4TD-Substanztest


10 Tracedetect Multi 4TD tests for the simultaneous detection of 4 different synthetic cannabinoids in the form of visible and invisible residues on a wide variety of surfaces. Detection of synthetic cannabinoids: AB-PINACA (ABP), JWH-018 (Spice/K2), UR-144 (K4) and cannabis (THC).

This substance test provides the first clues to the identity of a substance. Based on the molecular structure, this substance test reliably provides answers within 5 minutes.


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Surface Test: Detection of Traces of Synthetic Cannabinoids and THC

nal von minden Drug-Screen® Tracedetect substance test

New synthetic drugs (NPS for New Psychoactive Substances) or RC (Research Chemicals) pretend to be legal and harmless alternatives to conventional drugs. Every year, dozens of new molecules are discovered on the black market. Especially synthetic cannbinoids are very popular. What many users are not aware of is the sometimes very high toxicity and thus the potential danger posed by synthetic cannbinoids.

The nal von minden Tracedetect® Multi 4TD substance test is used to detect four different (synthetic) cannabinoids simultaneously. The nal von minden Tracedetect® product line is a sophisticated test system in a compact pocket format. It is based on an immunological test method that enables highly sensitive and at the same time very specific detection of even almost invisible traces of drugs on a variety of different surfaces. Our substance test provides initial indications of the identity of a substance, with the help of the detection of molecular structures. Thus, a decision can be made right on the spot without having to wait for a laboratory result. The test system is very compact and literally fits in your pocket.

AB-Pinaca (ABP)

So-called "stretched cannabis" makes the consumption of the original natural drug more dangerous today than ever before. The black markets are flooded with cannabis - i.e. THC- or CBD-containing plant material that has been sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids. AB-PINACA is one of them. Its effect no longer has much in common with that of natural cannabis. Rather, it is significantly more potent and can trigger symptoms such as nausea, coordination and concentration difficulties, hallucinations, paranoia and panic attacks. Even comatose states are possible. Mixed consumption with alcohol or antidepressants is especially dangerous. Possible consequences: High fever, convulsions and organ failure, even death. AB-PINACA, in contrast to natural marijuana, also has an enormous addictive potential.

Spice/K2 (JWH-018)

The flood of various synthetic cannabinoids - traded under various brand names, such as "Spice" and "K2" - originally circulated as legal alternatives to natural cannabis products have a significant potential for harm. JWH-018 originates from basic research on the cannabinoid system, but has been subject to the Narcotics Act since 2009.

K4 (UR-144)

Of the more than 620 New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) currently monitored through the EU Early Warning System, over a quarter are synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists. Originally developed and patented by Abbott Laboratories in the context of cannabis research, UR-144 - also known by the scene names "K4" and the official names TMCP-018, KM-X1, MN-001 and YX-17 respectively - is flooding the drug markets. As a selective full agonist of the psychoactive CB1 receptor and especially of the peripheral CB2 receptor, UR-144 has a similar effect as cannabis, but is much more potent. The consumption of the original "legal high", which is now illegal in a majority of countries worldwide, is a fine line between intentional intoxication and accidental overdose.

Package Contents:

  • 1 individually packaged multitest
  • 1 resealable vial with 2mL extraction buffer
  • 1 minigrip bag (40mm x 60mm)
  • 1 minigrip bag (120mm x 170mm) with labeling sticker
  • 1 individually wrapped sterile swab
  • 1 wooden stick
  • 1 user manual


  • Easy sampling and handling
  • Highly specific: Reliable substance detection of a wide range of synthetic cannabinoids
  • Highly sensitive: Even the detection of invisible traces is possible
  • Supplied with accessories for all sampling methods and incubation bags for extreme weather conditions
  • Fits in every pocket
  • Economical, reliable and ready for immediate use
  • Result immediately available
  • Environmentally friendly

Test time:

Accurate result after 1-5 minutes


2°C to 30°C

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