Urine analysis with the Reactif rapid tests: One urine test strip up to 14 answers

The male urethra is around 20 cm long, while the female urethra is only about 2.5 to 4 cm. That's why she suffers from urinary tract infections much more often than he does. The bacteria that trigger a bladder infection, for example, have a much shorter route to their destination in the female body. Urinalysis can help detect a urinary tract infection. It can also be used to monitor many other parameters at the same time, including those that indicate conditions such as liver cirrhosis, kidney disease or metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus.

Human urine often offers the first clues to health problems. A whole litany of parameters helps to track these to their source. With our urine test strips, you can test up to 14 of the following markers at the same time – meaning within just 1-2 minutes: ascorbic acid, bilirubin, blood, calcium, creatinine, glucose, ketones, leukocytes, microalbumin, nitrite, pH, protein, specific gravity and urobilinogen.

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