Tropical Infections & Parasites

Hand, foot, and mouth disease, breakbone fever, river blindness, creeping eruption and Q fever: Tropical diseases often have amusing names. Behind the names, however, lie extremely troublesome diseases and infections that are often difficult to diagnose. Another interesting term is 'parasite'. In ancient times, it referred to an official who took part in ritual feasts on the people's behalf and thus ate and drank at the public's expense. Today the word 'parasite' refers to creatures like fleas, ticks, worms or microorganisms like protozoa or fungi.

We have an unparalleled selection of rapid tests in the areas of tropical diseases and parasitology. In addition to infections like dengue fever, ebola, entamoeba or malaria, we can help you detect antibodies against Leishmania donovani or the chikungunya virus.

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