Cardiovascular System

The incidence of heart attacks is particularly high between Christmas and New Year. A broken heart can trigger symptoms similar to those of a heart attack. Music improves vascular function in patients with coronary heart disease. When lovestruck couples look into each other's eyes, their hearts beat as one. To this day, the reasons remain a mystery to scientists. Whatever the reason, though, the heart lives up to its reputation as a symbol of love and life. It is the engine of our existence and the supply system for the body's cardiovascular circulation.

Blood typing, CK-MB, myoglobin, troponin I and D-dimer – our cardiovascular system rapid tests provide information about the health of the body's engine and its supply system.

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  1. NADAL® Troponin I Cut-off 0,5 ng/mL test cassette
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  2. NADAL® CRP test
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  3. NADAL® D-Dimer test cassette
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