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Rapid Blood Tests: Blood Analysis with the Help of Professional Rapid Tests

Human blood is the most reliable guide when it comes to identifying medical problems. This is why a complete blood count is standard upon admission to hospital. A blood test can reveal even the smallest details about your patient's lifestyle. It is not always necessary to draw a full blood sample. For most of our immunological rapid tests, a drop of blood from the fingertip will suffice. From CRP and combination tests for cardiac markers to the human coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes the respiratory disease COVID-19, our rapid tests are manufactured to European standards, are of the highest quality and deliver results within minutes.

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  1. NADAL® Mononucleosis test
    As low as €11.20
  2. NADAL® Troponin I Cut-off 0,5 ng/mL test cassette
    As low as €28.10
  3. NADAL® D-Dimer test cassette
    As low as €34.80
  4. INFO® anti-HCV CE1434 test cassette
    As low as €32.60
  5. INFO® HBsAg Hepatitis B CE1434 test cassette (individually packed)
    As low as €28.10
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