Allergy & Autoimmunity

Nuts, flowers in bloom, cats or jewellery – the most ordinary things in life can trigger massive physical reactions in allergy sufferers. It is a case of mistaken identity, though. The body identifies foreign but harmless proteins as an enemy and mounts a defence. Allergies are not the only thing that can provoke a negative reaction from the body. Autoimmune diseases, which are responsible for the immune system attacking the body's own cells and tissues, are on the rise. In addition to a genetic predisposition, causes include the challenges of modern life – such as plasticisers in cosmetics, particulate matter or nicotine. Medicine has already identified more than 500 different autoimmune diseases.

If you need rapid tests in the fields of allergy or autoimmunity, we are your first point of contact. From A to Z – we have the right test for your needs.

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