qLabs® Q3 Pro PTZ-INR ElectroMeter


qLabs® Q3 Pro Coagulation meter for determining the prothrombin time and the INR


Package contents:

1 qLabs® Q3 Pro PTZ-INR ElectroMeter

1 Power supply unit

1 User Manual

1 Quick start guide

1 Soft-bag

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Coagulation measurement at the Point-of-Care

The coagulation measurement in the qLabs® Q3 ElectroMeter is based on the coagulometric method. A drop of blood is added to the thromboplastin reagent in the test strip and the time until fibrin formation is measured. With the blood sample thus clotting, the time of clotting is determined by the change in impedance.

The use of INR values (International Normalised Ratio) ensures direct comparability of measured values, worldwide. The "Quick value" (in %), which is still often used in Germany, depends on the test substance used by the respective laboratory. There are more than 25 different test substances from various manufacturers. The same blood can therefore have a "Quick value" of "10%" in one test procedure, which corresponds to a "Quick value" of "30%" in another test procedure.




INR-Values are independent:

  • The type of measurement (in the laboratory or in practice)
  • The measuring device used
  • The test substance used
  • Of the doctor performing the measurement (whether in the practice or during hospitalisation)

INR-Values are therefore comparable, Quick-values are NOT!

Experts recommend the use of the INR value as the unit for coagulation time determination

Your benefits at a glance

About 150,000 patients measure their INR value at home as part of their coagulation self-management. However, many of them have to go to the doctor regularly to have their coagulation value determined.

With qLabs® Q3 ElectroMeter PTZ-INR System kann der INR-Wert innerhalb ca. einer Minute patientennah bestimmt werden!


  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • User-friendly design
  • Results in approx. 30 - 90 seconds


  • Blood collection of capillary blood almost painless from the fingertip (10 µL)
  • Vein protection
  • Alternative: fresh venous whole blood


  • Discussion of the results directly with the patient and, if necessary, immediate adjustment of the dose or prompt initiation of necessary measures.
  • Improvement of the workflow by eliminating the waiting time for laboratory results.
  • Reduction of administrative work:
    • No need to send samples to the laboratory
    • No need to contact the patient again to discuss the laboratory results.

Reliable Results

  • Fulfilment of the RiliBÄK requirements

  • Quality control for each test

    • No output of results in case of deviating quality control

    • Comparison with laboratory results: r = 0.977


  • INR value is determined directly on the patient, POCT can also be performed by healthcare professionals
  • Can be used for home visits or in nursing homes

Technical Data

Sample volume ca. 10 µL
Measuring time less than 2 minutes
Therapeutic range Adjustable warning when exceeding or falling below the individual therapeutic range (e.g. INR 1.5-3.5 or INR 2.5-4.5)
User interface Operation through text- and symbol-controlled user guidance
Operation On a vibration-free surface, not in the hand
Measuring range INR 0,5 - 8 (display in 0,01 steps)
Display INR, PT and QC (Quality Control), %Quick
Coding via Codechip: test strip code, Lot number, expiry date
Blood application area Hygienic outside the unit Application simply from above onto the sample tray
Measurement memory 2.000 results (INR and PT) with date
Data transfer Device-specific USB interface (cable and software on request)
Automatic switch-on Unit switches on automatically by strip insertion
Power supply Battery: Integrated lithium polymer battery.
Charger: Input: 100∼240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Output: 5 V DC
Power consumption: 29 V A
Number of measurements per battery charge ca. 150 measurements
Measurements (L x B x H) 148 x 70 x 26 mm
Relative humidity 10 to 90 %
Weight 203 gr

More Information

More Information
SKU 374609Q-01
Spectrum Medical
Application areas Blood & Anticoagulation
Working temperature Works between 10 °C and 35 °C
CE-Label Yes


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