NADAL® Microalbumin test strip


50 individually packed test strips for detection of microalbumin at a cut-off of 20 μg/mL urine, delivering a visual result



50 test strips

1 package insert

Exclusively for professional users

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Product description

The NADAL® Microalbumin Test is an immunochemical lateral flow test for the qualitative detection of microalbumin at a cut-off of 20 μg/mL urine, delivering a visual result.
The product is intended for professional use only. The test delivers a preliminary analytic result. For confirmation of the test result another detection method is required.
Clinical considerations and professional judgment should be used in the interpretation of each test result, particularly when preliminary positive results are indicated.

The persistent appearance of small increases in albumin excretion in urine (so-called microalbuminuria) could be the first sign of renal dysfunction in type 1 diabetes (= incipient
diabetic nephropathy). Without appropriate therapeutic intervention, the complication will progress with a further increase in albumin excretion (= macroalbuminuria), resulting
in renal insufficiency. In case of type-2 diabetes, the early diagnosis and therapy of diabetic nephropathy is especially important. In addition to the renal dysfunction, cardiovascular risks could occur.
At normal physiological conditions, small amounts of albumin are glomerular filtrated and tubular reabsorbed. The expulsion of 20 μg/mL to 200 μg/mL is characterised as microalbuminuria. In addition to renal dysfunctions, albuminuria can be caused by physical training, infections of the urinary tract, hypertension, cardiac insufficiency and surgery. If the
amount of albumin decreases after disappearance of these factors, the transient albuminuria is without any clinical significance.

More Information

More Information
SKU 331001
Testformat test strip
Test evaluation Provides a qualitative test result
Sample type Urine
Detected parameter Microalbumin
Package size 50 individually packed test strips
Detection time Test result after 5 minutes
Storage temperature The test should be stored at 2 - 30 °C
CE-Label Yes

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