NADAL® Chikungunya IgM test cassette


20 individually packed test cassettes for detection detection of antichikungunya virus IgM in human serum, plasma or whole blood


Package contents:

20 test cassettes

1 buffer

1 package insert

Exclusively for professional users

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Product description

The NADAL® Chikungunya IgM Test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of antichikungunya virus IgM in human serum, plasma or whole
blood. It is intended for use as a screening test and as an aid in the diagnosis of chikungunya infection. This test provides only a preliminary test result. Therefore, further reference tests,
such as ELISA or PCR, should be used to confirm Chikungunya infection.

The Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is an enveloped, positivestrand, RNA virus belonging to the family Togaviridae together with the genus Alphavirus, first identified in 1953.
Chikungunya (CHIK) fever is transmitted to humans by the bite of a variety of mosquitoes including Ae. aegypti, Ae. africanus, Ae. luteocephalus, Ae. furcifer and Ae. Taylori, but mainly by
that of the Asian tiger mosquito (Ae. albopictus). CHIKV has caused outbreaks in East Africa (Tanzania and Uganda), in Austral Africa (Zimbabwe and South Africa), in West Africa
(Senegal and Nigeria) and in Central Africa (Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of the Congo). In Asia, CHIK outbreaks have been reported in India, Sri Lanka,
Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The symptoms including sudden onset of fever, chills, headache, nausea, vomiting,
joint pain with or without swelling, low back pain and rash are very similar to those of dengue. Both diseases are primarily transmitted by the same species of mosquitos - Ae. aegypti
and Ae. albopictus. Mixed outbreaks of chikungunya with sporadic cases of dengue have been reported in Andhra Pradesh state, India. However, unlike dengue, there is no
hemorrhagic or shock syndrome form. Therefore, the possibility of distinguishing between CHIKV infection and dengue virus infection is extremely beneficial, particularly in
areas where dengue virus infection is endemic or epidemic. The NADAL® Chikungunya IgM Test utilises recombinant antigens which are found in structure proteins. It detects anti-
CHIKV IgM in serum, plasma or whole blood samples after 15 minutes. The test can be performed by untrained or minimally skilled personnel and without cumbersome laboratory

More Information

More Information
SKU 682002N-20
Testformat test cassette
Test evaluation Provides a qualitative test result
Sample type Serum, Whole Blood, Plasma
Detected parameter Chikungunya IgM
Package size 20 individually packed test cassettes
Detection time Test result after 15 minutes
Storage temperature The test should be stored at 2 - 30 °C
CE-Label Yes
Pathogentype Viral infection

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