NADAL® Cardiac Combo test cassette


5 individually packed test cassettes for detection of human Myoglobin, CK-MB and cardiac Troponin I in whole blood, serum or plasma


Package contents:

5 test cassettes

5 disposable pipettes

1 buffer

1 package insert

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Product description

The NADAL® Cardiac Combo Test is a rapid visual immunoassay for the qualitative presumptive detection of human Myoglobin, CK-MB and cardiac Troponin I in whole
blood, serum or plasma. The test is intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction (MI).

Myoglobin (MYO), Creatine Kinase MB (CK-MB) and cardiac Troponin I (cTnI/TRO) are proteins released into the bloodstream after cardiac injury. Myoglobin is a hemeprotein
normally found in skeletal and cardiac muscle with a molecular weight of 17.8 kDa. It constitutes about 2 percent of total muscle protein and is responsible for transporting
oxygen within muscle cells. If muscle cells are damaged, Myoglobin is released into blood rapidly due to its relatively small size. The level of Myoglobin increases measurably above
baseline within 2-4 hours post-infarct, peaking at 9-12 hours and returning to baseline within 24-36 hours. CK-MB is an enzyme with a molecular weight of 87.0 kDa which is also present in the cardiac muscle. Creatine Kinase is a dimeric molecule formed from two subunits designated as “M” and “B”, which combine to form three different isoenzymes CK-MM,
CK-BB and CK-MB. CK-MB is the isoenzyme of Creatine Kinase mostly involved in the metabolism of cardiac muscle tissue. The release of CK-MB into blood following an MI can be
detected within 3-8 hours after the onset of symptoms. It peaks within 9 to 30 hours and returns to baseline levels within 48 to 72 hours. Cardiac Troponin I is a protein with a molecular weight of 22.5 kDa found in cardiac muscle. Troponin I is part of three subunit complex comprised of Troponin T and Troponin C. Along with tropomyosin, this structural complex forms the main component that regulates the calcium sensitive ATPase activity of actomyosin in striated skeletal and cardiac muscle. After cardiac injury occurs, Troponin I is released into blood 4-6 hours after the onset of pain. The release pattern of Troponin I is similar to that of CK-MB, however while CK-MB levels return to normal after 72 hours, Troponin I remains elevated for 6-10 days, thus providing a longer window of detection for cardiac injury.

More Information

More Information
SKU 282003
Testformat test cassette
Test evaluation Provides a qualitative test result
Sample type Serum, Whole Blood, Plasma
Detected parameter Cardiac Combo
Package size 5 individually packed test cassettes
Detection time Test result after 10 minutes
Storage temperature The test should be stored at 2 - 30 °C
CE-Label Yes


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