ESA THC/CBD Substance Test


The ESA THC/CBD substance tests serves as a pre-test for the identification and differentiation of THC and CBD in:

  • Plant material
  • Oils
  • Solids and pressed material (hashish)



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Product description

Result interpretation:

The colour change is usually recognisable after 3 minutes. Depending on the test substance, the evaluation of the colour change may only be possible after a reaction time of approximately 10 to 15 minutes. THC leads to a green colour change, CBD reacts red to violet.

Made in Germany: This substance test is manufactured by ESA Test GmbH in Germany.

Package contents:

  • 10 ampoules substance test COC
  • 10 spatulas
  • 1 instruction manual


  • Easy handling and result interpretation
  • Detailed product description
  • No hazardous ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly

Benefits of using ESA THC/CBD ampoules versus common test strips:

  • Price: Our ampoules are a quarter of the price charged by other providers for test strips.
  • Interpretation: In contrast to test strips, results from our ampoule tests ensure both THC and CBD hemp are clearly distinguishable from one another.
  • Easy to use: Open the ampoule, add the substance followed by a drop of buffer, read the results.
  • Fast: Results can be interpreted after just 3-5 minutes, whereas a test strip requires up to 5-10 minutes.
  • Robust: A chemical rapid test is more robust than a test strip and less susceptible to environmental influences (humidity, temperature).
  • Precision: The test is validated in accordance with the specifications of our certified quality management department.
CBD with its structural formulaCBD with its structural formula


Fields of application:

For use in pharmacies

Before selling or further processing hemp, pharmacies in most countries are obliged to check whether their delivery is CBD or THC-based. This is where we can help. Our toxicological substance tests are renowned for their 'Made in Germany' quality. Before carrying out thin layer chromatography, which is both expensive and time-consuming, it is worth first using our substance tests in order to identify medical marijuana. The results are indicated by a clear colour change.

For use by police, customs and penal authorities

It is impossible for the naked eye to determine whether you are dealing with a marijuana plant containing pure CBD, or a psychoactive variant with a high THC content. Regardless of what the suspect may have to say, our substance tests will deliver a decisive result by way of a colour change.




More Information

More Information
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SD Selection (Layered Navigation) Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabis
Content 10 Stück
Brand ESA
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SD Allowed Countries Deutschland
Manufacturer ESA Test GmbH


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