Clover A1c® Analyzer


Clover A1c® Analyzer for for checking the long-term blood glucose


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1 Clover A1c® Analyzer

1 Daily Check Cartridge

1 Monthly Check Cartridge

1 Fan filter

1 Exclusive power supply

1 package insert

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HbA1c meter: analyze long-term blood glucose levels directly at the point-of-care

In Germany, just under 10% of the population has diabetes (knowingly: 7.2%, unknowingly 2.1%). The so-called blood sugar long-term memory, the HbA1c value, plays an important role in the follow-up of diabetes patients. It provides information on whether a patient's blood sugar is well adjusted or whether the therapy needs to be changed.

What does the HbA1c value say?

The HbA1c value indicates how high the proportion of sugar-bound (glycated) haemoglobin is compared to "sugar-free" haemoglobin (millimoles per mole of haemoglobin) and thus reflects the mean blood sugar value. Elevated HbA1c values indicate that the patient's blood glucose has been elevated in the last 8-12 weeks. In healthy people, the HbA1c is around 30 mmol/mol or 5%.

Determine the HbA1c value directly in the practice with the CLOVER A1c measuring device

With the help of the CLOVER A1c®, the HbA1c value can be determined directly in your practice. You receive the test results immediately, in laboratory quality. This allows you to immediately assess whether the treatment is successful and the therapy can be adjusted directly in the patient consultation if necessary. There is no need for time-consuming follow-up telephone calls or additional visits to the patient. This saves valuable time and reduces the administrative burden.

Studies have confirmed that the therapy goal of glycaemic control is better achieved through immediate or prompt therapy adjustment in the case of increased HbA1c values. Patients follow therapy recommendations from direct patient-doctor discussions better. Two aspects that represent the best prerequisite for avoiding diabetic late effects.

Clover A1c: Advantages of point-of-care diagnostics


  • Three intuitive steps to the HbA1c value
  • No sample preparation
  • Only 4 µL capillary or venous blood per measurement needed
  • Storage of test cassettes at room temperature
  • Shelf life at least 12 months from manufacture

Step 1:

Open the lid of the

CLOVER A1c® and insert

a new test cassette

Step 2:

Take a sample with the

integrated in the reagent

capillary to take a

4 µL blood sample

Strep 3:

Place the reagent tray

into the test cassette.

As soon as you close

the lid, the measurement.

In 5 minutes you will

receive the result

Testkassette zur Probenentnahme und TestdurchführungTestkassette zur Probenentnahme und Testdurchführung


  • Test results in 5 minutes

  • Capillary for blood sampling integrated in reagent carrier

  • Immediate adjustment of therapy during patient consultation

  • Improved workflow by eliminating waiting time for lab results

  • Reduction of administrative work:

    • No need to send samples to the laboratory

    • No need to contact the patient again to discuss the results


  • Recognised boronate affinity method, interference-free.
  • Laboratory quality results: R² = 0.9837
  • Integrated error detection for more safety
  • NGSP certified
  • Detectable according to IFCC reference method
  • No falsification by anticoagulants
Das CLOVER A1c®-System erfüllt sowohl die Standardisierungen des NGSP als auch der IFCCDas CLOVER A1c®-System erfüllt sowohl die Standardisierungen des NGSP als auch der IFCC

Comparison of methods versus the gold standard laboratory test method

The CLOVER A1c® system determines HbA1c values using the boronate affinity method. The comparison with the already established laboratory method, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC, Tosoh G7), which is NGSP-certified, shows the equivalence of both methods. Furthermore, the measuring method of the CLOVER A1c® system fulfils both IFCC and NGSP standards.


Methodenvergleich der Boronat-Affinitäts-Methode mit der Hochleistungsflüssigkeitschromatographie (HPLC, Tosoh G7)Methodenvergleich der Boronat-Affinitäts-Methode mit der Hochleistungsflüssigkeitschromatographie (HPLC, Tosoh G7)

High precision of the boronate affinity method

How much the values of an analyte scatter - and thus the precision of the CLOVER A1c® - can be determined by repeatedly analysing the same sample. As can be seen on the graphs, the systematic measurement deviation with the CLOVER A1c® is very low even after 40 HbA1c measurements, which confirms the high precision of the system and its results.

Testergebnisse für ein unauffälliges SampleTestergebnisse für ein unauffälliges Sample
Testergebnisse für ein auffälliges SampleTestergebnisse für ein auffälliges Sample

For more information on the CLOVER A1c®, please see the product brochure below. Our product specialists are available to answer any further questions you may have.

Technical Data

Test format Boronat-Affinity-Assay
Measurement method Reflectance spectrometry
Reading Time 5 minutes
Measurements 200 x 198 x 139 mm
Weight 1,4 kg
Display LCD (with backlight)
Memory Capacity 200 results
Power Required included power supply (DC 9 V - 2A)
Data transfer via USB with PC
Interfaces DC 9V, USB, RS 232
Operating Temperature 17 °C - 32 °C (63 -90 °F)
Relative Humidity Range 10 % - 90 %

More Information

More Information
SKU 980100
Spectrum Medical
Application areas Diabetes
Working temperature Works between 17 °C and 32 °C
CE-Label Yes


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