Joint Forces for a Good Cause

At nal von minden we work with and for something worth standing behind. It is about the health of our fellow human beings worldwide. Not only in the pandemic years have we proven the difference we are able to make. Our products are of top quality and our customer service is unparalleled. In addition, we have an agile research and development department that likes to be a step ahead of large corporations. But what customers don't see are the departments behind them. They all regularly achieve great things and are the driving force behind the good things we do together. The world of in-vitro diagnostics, which is constantly changing and will continue to present us with exciting new tasks, ensures that we don't get bored.

Inside nal von minden. What our employees say:

"I have worked for many big, well-known companies in my life. But here I finally feel I've arrived."

(Andrea Reiff-Duhme, Head of Sales DE and AT)


"Our team is a small, international family. Our customers come from the most diverse countries and medical fields. The contact with them is very professional but also extremely friendly."

(Yasar Toprak, Head of Sales Export Team)


"The nal von minden is unconventional and my environment is dynamic. The high degree of freedom allows me to tackle things in my own style."

(Andreas Ott, Director Finance & Accounting)



Badge: Award for TOP COMPANY by kununuBadge: Award for TOP COMPANY by kununu
Awarded TOP COMPANY by kununu
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Awarded OPEN COMPANY by kununu

Good reasons to work for nal von minden

Let's summarise: We live our motto "We help you care"– as a strong, family-oriented team with passion and a lot of fun at work. On top of that, there is a basket full of benefits. If that's not enough, we have other good reasons for applying to nal von minden:


The values and cultures of more than 26 nations flow through our veins. For a medium-sized company with around 230 employees, that's a lot – and a good thing!


Gender, religion, sexual orientation, origin or handicap do not play a role for us and our share of women is 61.98%. We expect tolerance and openness to the world – out of conviction!


From the management level to the trainees, we share information, knowledge and ideas. Every input is valued and, if it is good, implemented – no matter who it comes from!





Working on one's own responsibility is openly encouraged. We trust that extraordinary people achieve extraordinary things – as a matter of principle!


We know and call each other by our first names. The word "friendship" is closer to us than "staff". This is what makes us so charming and facilitates cooperation – enormously!


Many of our products are world firsts or the best of their kind. We are small and therefore efficient, agile, productive and very amiable. We`re bursting with competence – to help people care!



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