More than 40 years of experience

Wolfgang von Minden, a trained chemical technician, founded von Minden GmbH as a distributor for laboratory reagents and solutions in Moers on the Lower Rhine. When he recognised rapid drug tests as a growth market, the product range was expanded to include toxicology in 1995.

Roland Meißner, a business economist, and Thomas Zander, a molecular biologist, were also active in the same growth market with their company nal24 GmbH in Regensburg on the Danube. Instead of competition, they showed mutual sympathy for each other.

Logo of nal von minden GmbH at the time of the mergerLogo of nal von minden GmbH at the time of the merger
Logo of nal von minden GmbH at the time of the merger

Merger for the benefit of our clients

The realisation grew that by joining forces, we would be of greater support to the health sector in particular, but also to the criminal justice authorities. So von Minden GmbH and nal24 merged in 2008 to form nal von minden GmbH.

Meißner and Zander's office in the Upper Palatinate World Heritage Site eventually became the administrative headquarters. Sandra von Minden followed in her father's footsteps and manages the corporate and logistics headquarters in Moers.


Healthy growth: 8 locations in Europe

Over the years, we have added further locations such as our own research and production facility in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, as well as a sales location in nearby Rosdorf.

Our service and product specialists are also located in the UK, Sweden and Italy. Furthermore, the traditional Thuringian company ESA Test GmbH – responsible for substance testing – has been a wholly owned subsidiary of nal von minden GmbH since 2015.

Despite our rapid development, we have remained down to earth. We continue to develop with the requirements of our customers. And you can and should share these with your personal contacts at any time.

8 European locations in 4 countries8 European locations in 4 countries
8 European locations in 4 countries
The Antonov AN-225 MriyaThe Antonov AN-225 Mriya
The Antonov AN-225. Photo by Artur Voznenko

Pandemic years

After the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, we were challenged like never before. While others feared for their livelihoods and suffered lockdown and quarantine at home, our stated goal was to give the world a breather.

After all, we were among the first to bring an antigen test to market after a COVID-19 antibody test – one of the best to date. We also provided masks, swabs and viral transport media in record time.

To date, 80 million units of our NADAL® COVID-19 antigen test have been sold. To cope with the exorbitant demand, we chartered the largest transport aircraft in the world, the Antonov AN-225 Mriya, among others.


Change of CEO

After the stresses and strains of the pandemic years, the management decides to devote itself to new tasks as of 01.06.2022:

Roland Meißner has since been taking care of business development and company founder's daughter Sandra von Minden now manages her local office in Moers on a part-time basis. Thomas Zander left the company.

Lukas Eder, who previously worked for many years at nal von minden as sales and marketing manager, among other things, manages the business from Regensburg.

New CEO of nal von minden GmbH: Lukas EderNew CEO of nal von minden GmbH: Lukas Eder
New CEO of nal von minden GmbH: Lukas Eder
The market of nal von minden GmbHThe market of nal von minden GmbH
We speak your language: Our country teams are here for you

nal von minden today

Currently, nal von minden GmbH has more than 230 employees in 4 countries. All in all, the values and cultures of more than 20 nations flow through the veins of our company. They all have at least one thing in common: the will to assist their fellow human beings in health-related matters and thus improve their lives. In this way, we also fulfil our mission to work together to make everyday life easier for our customers in medicine, government agencies and industrial companies.

To ensure this, we are not only constantly expanding our product portfolio in cooperation with our customers, but are also taking even more far-reaching measures...

Made in Germany: nal von minden opens its own production site in Göttingen

During the pandemic, the problems facing our industry became clear. We were partly dependent on the no-covid strategies of supplier countries and their political export regulations. In addition, the production of, for example, toxicological or infection-independent medical tests was largely stopped. The result was delivery difficulties and a lack of explanation.

In order to never get into such a situation again, we brought a large part of our production back to Germany.

Our brand new, fully automated production facility is capable of producing up to 2 million rapid tests per month. This is invaluable for Germany as a location for medical products and for patients. In addition, there are the following advantages for consumers, the environment, the location and the economy:

  • Independence from customs restrictions, logistical challenges and political uncertainties
  • Flexibility with regard to the production of seasonal rapid tests
  • Strengthening of Germany as a business location
  • Drastic shortening of transport routes
  • Creation of jobs
nal von minden GmbH's own, fully automated rapid test production facilitynal von minden GmbH's own, fully automated rapid test production facility
The Ceres POC from the Baden-Württemberg-based machine manufacturer ma Micro Automation
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